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Mississippi River Trip Planner

About the Trip Planner

The River Trip Planner was developed as a tool for visitors to the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area’s Alternative Transportation System in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. This system is a collaborative effort with the National Park Service and local partners to make it easy for visitors to access the Mississippi River and its many destinations without a car.

The River Trip Planner is an easy-to-use Google-based map with embedded park destination and alternative transportation (bus, rail, bike, boat, and walking) information that can help you determine how best to access your National Park without a car. It is oriented around nine alternative transportation “nodes” that provide car-free access to the river but can also be used to access the park’s destinations both in and outside these nodes. To learn more about the park and its many destinations, we recommend using the River Trip Planner in conjunction with the park’s Mississippi River Companion. The Companion can be found on the park’s website and is available in print format at many of the park’s destinations.

For more information about the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area, please visit the Park's website.


The National Park Service and the US Department of Transportation Volpe Center developed and maintain the River Trip Planner in support of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area Alternative Transportation Systems Implementation Plan.We welcome your feedback. Please send any questions, comments, or input to the Volpe Center Public Lands team.